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What Makes The Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts?


What Makes The Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts?

Ever since Massachusetts became the first state on the...

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Ever since Massachusetts became the first state on the East Coast to legalize recreational cannabis, consumers have seen a range of dispensaries opening up to sell cannabis flowers, tinctures, edibles and other products.

With so many dispensaries, it can be challenging for a newcomer to cannabis to determine which ones are worth patronizing. There’s nothing more disappointing to a cannabis customer than to arrive at a store to find that it doesn’t have much variety, is understaffed, or doesn’t do much promotion online to help you see if they carry the products you are interested in most.

To help you discover cannabis shops that will meet your specific needs and desires, read on for an overview of the common characteristics dispensaries have in common.

Features of Great Cannabis Dispensaries

There’s no need for you to keep visiting dispensaries, hoping to randomly find an ideal one. For context, Massachusetts’ top dispensaries share these qualities:

Have Large, Diverse Selections:

Great dispensaries will carry a wide range of products. While many customers prefer their cannabis in flower form, to roll into joints, smoke in a pipe or bong or even vaporize, there are other forms of cannabis that all relevant stores will carry. You can expect to find dabs or concentrated forms of cannabis oil, wax and crumble, which provide more potency in a smaller amount of material.

You will also find plenty of edibles, from cookies and brownies to candies to cannabutter, which you can use to make your own edible creations at home. Cannabis in pill form is another popular delivery mechanism that all good dispensaries will make available. Then there are cannabis-infused beverages, such as sodas for convenient consumption.

Don’t Run out of Top-selling Products

A great dispensary will make sure to maintain good supply lines from distributors to keep its best-selling and most popular products in stock. After all, if a customer is counting on a particular variety or formulation of cannabis and shows up to find the shelves bare, he or she would be disappointed and have to take time to find a new dispensary that stays on top of inventory.

If you’re looking for unique strains, check out Canna Provisions’ Holyoke dispensary. One reason Canna Provisions is able to offer such awesome cannabis is Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski, their director of Cultivation, who is famous for raising and cultivating the OG Chemdog strain. Working in concert with Johnny Greenfingaz and the entire grow team, Canna Provisions puts out Smash Hits cannabis, with strains like Chem 91, Chem 4, Massmosa,

Showcase Their Products

You will want your dispensary to demonstrate all of the excellent products it carries. This is how patients, as well as recreational users, learn, from trusted advisors, which strains will best meet their needs. Dispensaries that are known for showcasing high-quality products will thrive compared to cannabis shops that show little interest in informing their customers what’s available.

Have a Strong Online Presence

Customers are busy and want the convenience of checking out what a dispensary has to offer via its website and social media channels. With instant updates to their website to show what’s in stock, with useful descriptions of the various products, you’ll know you’re in good hands before you even set foot inside the shop.

Don’t Make You Wait in Line for Long

You can count on outstanding MA dispensaries to have enough staff to serve their waiting customers with as little delay as possible. Sometimes dispensaries will have a special line for beginners who need to take a little more time learning about their cannabis options, with express lines for people who know exactly what they want or are just picking up items that they pre-ordered.

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