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Lumineux Cream – Anti aging Cream Free Trail


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Lumineux cream Review

Who does not want to look beautiful? Especially, when you start aging and your skin starts to sag, this is when you are the most desperate to try new products ad remedies to bring the youthfulness of your skin back. It is not possible for everyone to undergo surgery for the rejuvenation of their skin.

Also, the needle may have long lasting side effects and it can even cause irregularities as you may have seen excessively on the Internet. As an alternative to this, skin care products play a major role as they are less damaging to the skin and help to rejuvenate the skin. Most of them use natural ingredients that make them free of any hazards.

What is Lumineux cream?

Lumineux cream is a skin care cream that comes as a combination of a day cream and a night cream. So, the day cream is to be applied to the face early in the morning and the night cream is to be applied before going to sleep. The supplement came into being after the makers realized that there is a specie of Swiss apples that does not shrivel quickly or easily.

They started researching on it and it was found that this specie has a high resisting power and that makes it good for the health of the skin. As the body grows older, so does the skin and during this time, the skin stops producing the cells that it used to make when the person was young. To make up for the loss of these cells, these apples plays a great role. Thus, Lumineux cream is filled with these amazing fruit species that have their benefits on the skin.

Ingredients of Lumineux cream

The manufacturers have not shown the list of all the ingredients in the supplement due to secrecy reasons but they have told about the four major ingredients that are used in Lumineux cream.

  1. Apple Stem Extract: The presence of the extracts of apple stem in Lumineux cream ensure that it will help your body to produce more stem cells in the skin that are normally not produced in old age. It also repairs the damaged cells and aids in regeneration of the cells needed to make the skin rigid and firm.
  2. Alpine Stem Extracts: Lumineux cream also has extracts from the alpine stems that are also taken from the Swiss alps. The benefit of these extracts is that they keep the skin hydrated. They are important in reflecting back the UV radiations from the skin so that they do not enter the body and harm the internal structure of the skin, ultimately leading to cancer. This extract has also shown to keep the water levels of the skin high, thus keeping the skin hydrated and water filled at all times so that the skin cells can continue their normal activity and they are as frim as they need to be.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid: This is an acid found in the body which is composed of uronic acid and chains of N Acetyl glucosamine. It is already present in the synovial fluid of the joints, vitreous humour of the eye and in other parts of the body. What makes it a good component of Lumineux cream is the fact that it has polyanionic character which helps to attract water to the area. Once the water is attracted to the area, it nourishes that particular region and the pressure on the region then releases the water. It helps to nourish those joints that do not have blood vessels running through them. Its presence in Lumineux cream indicates that it has the same nourishing effect on the skin.
  4. Kojic Acid: This acid had been derived from fungus and it said to be good for acne and other skin related problems. However, a lot of people seem to be allergic to it as many users have experienced symptoms of skin color change, decrease in their thyroid function and mottling.

How to Use Lumineux cream

Lumineux cream is to be used twice in a day. Firstly, you need to use it early in the morning as the day cream. You can use it before you apply your makeup or you can just skip makeup for the day and head out with just the cream.

The second coat comes at night as Lumineux cream is a combination of day and night cream. You apply the night cream before going to sleep. Just dap some liquid onto your hands and rotate your fingers in circular motion on your face. This ensures blood flow and better absorption of the cream onto the skin.

Side Effects of Lumineux cream

Lumineux cream does seem like a safe product since it has only the natural ingredients. One of the ingredients has allergic responses on some people but that can be checked by prior clinical examination of the user. However, the problem lies in the fact that the manufacturers have not displayed the whole list of ingredients on their site so there is a possibility that there may be some harmful ingredients in the cream that the users are not aware of.

Thus, it is imperative that you do not use the cream if you already have any skin infection or a skin disorder. You must get consultation from your doctor before starting this cream, in case you have a chronic illness or any kind of allergy. Under no circumstances are people under the age of 18 allowed to use this cream.

Where to Buy Lumineux cream

You can buy Lumineux cream from here as we are offering Free Trail only in 4.97$. The product is only on sale here and you can read up more about the product on the website. You can get the cream at your doorstep by just paying through your debit card or your credit card.

Final Verdict

The cream does sound promising but there are a few ingredients that have shows allergies in the past and some more that are in the shadows. You can use the cream at your own risk and it is quite likely that it will benefit your skin.