May15 , 2024

15 Unique Body Features Almost No One Has


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Each person is unique — sometimes more than we think. Even though we all have the same number of limbs and similar features, some small details make everyone an X-Man of sorts.

MUMY BEAR has discovered 15 unusual features of the human body that we rarely notice. Perhaps you possess some of them too?

15. No wisdom teeth

14. Blue eyes

It has been suggested that the blue eye color is due to a mutation in the HERC2 gene that leads to reduced melanin production in the iris. Only 8% of all people have blue eyes.

13. Morton’s toe

12. Hair whorl

11. Sneezing

25% of all people have an unusual reaction to sunlight: sneezing. This phenomenon even has its own name: photic sneeze reflex.

10. Single palmar crease

9. Light hair

Natural blonds are rare among adults since light hair darkens with age. The percentage of fair-haired adults in the population varies from 2% to 16%.

8. Fingerprints

7. Red hair

Redheads are an even rarer occurrence and make up 1-2% of the planet’s population. This hair color is caused by a genetic mutation.

6. Curly hair

Only 11% of people have naturally curly hair.

5. Outie navel

4. Х on hands

3. Clasping hands

2. Gleeking

Gleeking is spitting saliva from the submandibular gland. It can occur spontaneously while you’re talking, eating, or yawning; it is estimated that 35% of people can gleek, but fewer than 1% can do it on command.

1. Heart on the right

1 person out of 12,019 has their heart on the right side of the chest. This congenital anomaly is called dextrocardia and usually doesn’t entail any negative consequences.